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Welcome to my World of Or/gan/i/za/tion. Imagine walking into a room where Everything is in its Place.

Once upon a time there was a young girl who loved changing her bedroom around, painting rainbows on the bathroom door, and equally dividing her bedroom with her younger sister, everything always had a specific place. 
As she went on with life, her creative passion took her to Bauder College where she learned more of the world of design. Her career started with a basic fundamental job as she had the opportunity to learn the business side of Interior Design and culminated with her working as the Project Manager in charge of renovations for a Nursing Home company with locations throughout the East Coast.  She left corporate America to continue another passion of her's, teaching young children.  One day she saw a need to help families organize their daily home life by creating spaces within the many areas of a home.

This was the beginning of The Or/gan/iz/ 10 years later, after winning the Super Service Award three years in a row on Angieslist, life continues to happen.

Services I Provide

  Businesses: Decluttering, Paper Management, Spacial Management
Relocating: Pre-move de-cluttering and staging, Move in preparation and setup of home,
Residential: Family Communication Centers, Downsizing, Seasonal Revamping, Children's Playrooms, Garages, Holiday Decorating
Planning, Designing Additional Storage Systems/Spaces

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