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Everything in its Place

Makin' it Happin'

Steps On Makin' it Happin'

The first step in Makin' It Happin' is understanding why you need an organizer and how the process works. Hiring a professional organizer does not mean that you are unable to stay organized or that you are untidy. We consult with experts all of the time; we buy How To Do Books, we use web sites for recipes, ask landscapers about plants....Sometimes you just need an unbiased professional opinion on how to best use a space.

 The next step in Makin' It Happin' is finding an organizer. It is important that you find an organizer that you feel comfortable with, one that is open minded to you and your family's needs. One that is not judgemental and understands that life happens.

When you contact me, I will ask you some questions so that I can have an understanding of your situation, needs and goals.  We will talk about the areas that you feel need attention and establish the priorities. I will be able to have a pretty clear assessment and plan of attack after our conversation. We will then schedule a session for a minimum of 3 hrs. I charge a flat rate of $75.00 per hour. I try to keep my schedule flexible so that I can work around your schedule.  When I arrive I will work with you to accomplish the goals that we have established. Whether that is sorting through files, shredding outdated data, moving/relocating furniture, I am very hands on and am willing to do whatever is required to accomplish the job (as I tell my family and friends, "This is not a glamorous job"). Together we will be very systematic in our process. It is essential that we finish one task before we move on to the next.  I will help you to remove any items that are no longer of use to you.  I have several outside resources that can re-use items or dispose of them correctly. We will go down the list and check off each task until we have completed all of your goals.

The last step in Makin' it Happin' is a self assessment.  This is when you get to look at the areas that you have been working on and commit yourself to keeping them organized with "Everything In Its Place"

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