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This is not the first time I have hired Jackie to help me with organizing projects. I found her just after moving into a new house and had her help me get it set up. Then, several years later, I found myself collecting clutter and needed to hire her again. Then, yesterday, I had her help me again to set up some organizational systems for my storage room and to help me get several business pursuts streamlined, as I was feeling overwhelmed.  
Just like the previous two times I used her services, Jackie demonstrated her unique talent of quickly visualizing ways to organize my house that I never would have thought of in a million years! This is why Jackie is SO worth the money. She has the rare ability and a trained eye to see solutions and systems that help you stay organized and make your life more functional. Although she is also "hands on" (carrying boxes, sorting through items, etc), it is her ideas that make her so successful and sought after!

I had written out a list of tasks I wanted Jackie's help with, and we achieved quite  a lot of them and more in our Phase I - 3 hour session. We first walked through my house so she could see how things were set up and what areas needed work. After our house tour, her brain started to work its magic. She correctly surmised that I was cluttering up my bedroom and had too many "like items" in different rooms, causing confusion and disarray. She immediately came up with a plan to resolve these issues. She helped me create a "zone" for my new eBay business where everything (items to sell, photography equipment, etc) should be kept. Previously, these items were split up into 4 different rooms!
We then tackled going through several boxes I brought up from the storage room, and she helped me sort them as either donations, consignment, sell on eBay, etc. She made the process go so quickly and helped me "let go" of so many items I've been hanging onto without the usual agony we all feel when parting with things embodied with memories. We then created zones in my storage room for the items I decided to keep, so that everything had its "place". 
Next, she helped me transform a room in my house as an "eBay Selling Room", which will really help me streamline this business.
We got SO much done in 3 hours, but I still need her to come back for another session to help me streamline another business I run and organize a career change I'm making. I trust her and know she will come up with great ideas for this next challenge as she has done for all the previous ones I've had. 
I've always been very satisfied with her services and think she is the most talented organizer I've ever seen. I highly recommend her!



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